"As an artist, I found myself searching for a technique that allowed for me to express myself in a bold and beautiful way. Amongst the many techniques and mediums available “Gutta Serti” became my choice. My favorite technique is watercolor and I find painting on silk with gutta to be very similar and equally enjoyable.

Gutta Serti is the traditional resist for painting silk. It allows for a very sharp and distinguishable line. The gutta holds the color inside the outline and it allows design to be expressed. Drawing freehand with gutta on silk requires a lot of precision and it doesn’t permit much correction. This is one reason why I chose to master this technique; because it calls for my full presence, concentration, and dedication.

Using silk as my canvas is another fascinating part of this technique. Silk has been tied to magnificence, charm, and femininity and it has always been valued as a luxury. An infinite variety of colors can be created on it and one drop of ink can spread throughout the fibers in the most graceful way. Once the ink has been set with steam, the colors become even more vibrant and beautiful.

A deep understanding of the medium and the tools necessary to get the result I want to accomplish has taken time to perfect. Knowing what brush to use for what area is a very important part of this technique. Also, the type of silk I choose will dictate the way the ink spreads on the fabric and how much of the ink will be absorbed.

There are many details involved in the art of silk painting and it requires much practice and patience; however, I am honest when I say that the more I do it the more I love it because my understanding becomes yet deeper. It is my passion."   - Leyla Navab