Blue Gray Silk Shibori Scarf - Handpainted Silk Shibori/ $67.00


At Leyla Navab ArtSilk we created our own special and unique process of shibori dyeing. The silk is dyed for the first time in one complete color with a brush; after it has dried, the silk is then tightly wrapped; this wrapping process gives the silk its beautiful and unique pleating. While it is wrapped, dye is applied to the scarf for a second time, again using a brush and being very attentive to the color harmony and effect we want to create. The dye is set, the silk unwrapped, and every time we spread the pleating to observe the color, we become fascinated by the gracefulness of the silk and its ability to make colors energetic and stunning.

Fabric and Care
100% Crinkle Silk
Shibori Technique - Double Sided
Dry clean only

60" X 3"

All shibori scarves are original and are only made once