Iris Meditation Cushion - Handpainted Silk/ $117.00



Leyla Navab ArtSilk's collection of meditation cushions is inspired by the colors of the seven chakras. Each meditation cushion is created with the intention to inspire the characteristics of its pertaining chakra color. The meditation cushion is made out of a hand-painted design on silk charmeuse, which is then lined with silk dupioni. The texture of the silk helps enter a stage of relaxation and total peace. Padding is also added to allow extra comfort.

The Iris Meditation Cushion is inspired by the third chakra; the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is represented by the color yellow and it is a symbol of self-esteem, wisdom, confidence, clarity, good humor, and optimism.

Fabric and Care
100% Silk Charmeuse lined with 100% Dupioni Silk. MicroSafe Batting used for padding.
French Gutta Serti Technique


Standard Size: 27" x 21"
Large Size: 30" x 26"

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